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Antony Morato Milano

Nineteen Architecture's Architects have completed work for the Italian clothing store Antony Morato, headquartered in Milan. Sharp lines, Nordic minimalism, and spaciousness were the focal points of this project. The store is kept bright through both materials and artificial lighting, while stonework adds weight and a raw look to the shop. The simplicity truly makes this store modern.

Explore another perspective of our work at Antony Morato's Italian clothing store. The image showcases a raw concrete wall, complemented by black furnishings and an epoxy concrete-look floor, embodying a raw, yet simple and minimal aesthetic. This design choice adds to the modern and sophisticated atmosphere crafted by Nineteen Architecture.

Dive into another perspective of Nineteen Architecture's work for Antony Morato. This photo highlights the strategic use of raw materials and a sophisticated color palette featuring black, grey, and white. The interplay of these elements creates a visually striking composition, reflecting the meticulous design approach that defines the essence of Antony Morato's store aesthetic.

Discover the thoughtful design elements in Antony Morato's store by Nineteen Architecture. In this photo, concrete and black gloss displays for clothing take center stage, complemented by a white wall strategically placed to draw attention to the fashion pieces. The use of these materials not only enhances the store's aesthetic but also maintains an open and spacious feel, creating an inviting atmosphere for customers.

Explore a new viewpoint of Nineteen Architecture's contribution to Antony Morato. In this image, witness the deliberate utilization of natural elements and an elegant color spectrum that includes shades of black, grey, and white. The harmonious dance of these components crafts an aesthetically captivating scene, embodying the careful design philosophy that shapes the unique identity of Antony Morato's retail space.

Step outside and witness Nineteen Architecture's transformative touch on Antony Morato's store entrance. A sleek black glossy frame, adorned with a white signboard, sets the tone for the brand's aesthetic. The expansive floor-to-ceiling window panels further contribute to the inviting ambiance, seamlessly extending the interior design to the exterior and enticing passersby into the stylish world of Antony Morato.

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