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Private Apartment Västra Hamnen Malmö​

Experience cozy sophistication in our bespoke living room. Lounge on our incredibly soft lamb skin chaiselong couch, with a lamb skin blanket adding a luxurious touch to the oak tree flooring. The centerpiece, an actual tree trunk table, brings nature indoors. A light beige wall adorned with three centrally placed paintings adds artistic flair, while ceiling-to-floor windows offer breathtaking panoramic views. This living room is a harmonious blend of comfort, nature, and art, creating an inviting atmosphere.

Discover the enchanting play of natural light as panoramic windows illuminate the space, creating a bright and airy ambiance. The oak tree takes center stage, surrounded by Danish-designed chairs that perfectly complement the natural aesthetic. Enhancing the atmosphere, a bespoke lamp adds a touch of unique design, completing this harmonious blend of nature and Danish craftsmanship.

Centered around the oak tree table, this space showcases a functional office area with oak tree cabinets. The kitchen features seamlessly integrated oak tree cabinet doors. The TV wall steals the show, adorned with natural travertine stone, adding timeless elegance to the design.

Experience the full kitchen immersed in elegance, with oak tree cabinet doors exuding warmth. The black granite countertop adds a touch of sophistication, while the countertop wall, adorned with small natural stones, enhances the natural aesthetic, creating a harmonious and stylish culinary space.

Explore the opposite side of the kitchen, where continuity is key. The fridges seamlessly blend into the design, fully covered in oak tree, creating a cohesive and elegant appearance. Integrated ovens further enhance the streamlined aesthetic, offering both style and functionality in this meticulously designed kitchen space.

From this vantage point, you get a dual perspective of the living room and bedroom. The bedroom features an inviting bed with an oak tree frame, accented by a New Yorker glass wall and sliding door also adorned with oak tree frames. A glimpse of the full TV wall, adorned with beautiful travertine stones, adds a touch of sophistication. The dresser and cabinet, fully crafted in oak tree, seamlessly continue the elegant design, creating a cohesive and stylish living and sleeping space.

At the entrance, warm light colors and oak tree elements create a welcoming ambiance, providing glimpses of the living room and corridor. Greenery accents add a natural touch, enhancing the overall warmth and inviting atmosphere of the house.

Step into our bespoke living room, featuring an irresistibly soft lamb skin chaiselong couch and a floor adorned with a lamb skin blanket. The centerpiece is an actual tree trunk table with small legs, complemented by oak tree flooring. A light beige wall behind the couch showcases three centrally placed paintings, while a ceiling-to-floor window provides a breathtaking panoramic view. The space is infused with greenery, adding a touch of nature to this inviting and elegant setting.

Enter the master bedroom, a sanctuary of comfort and style. The king-size bed, framed in oak tree, takes center stage, complemented by luxurious brown silk curtains. This space exudes elegance and tranquility, creating the perfect retreat for rest and relaxation.

Enjoy a sneak peek of the balcony and seating area for the master bedroom, offering a direct view of the garden and surrounding buildings. This design creates a seamless connection to nature, allowing you to savor the outdoors right from the comfort of your bedroom.

Explore another angle of the master bedroom, featuring a custom-made closet enveloped in oak tree. This meticulously crafted wardrobe is a masterpiece, providing a tailored space for various clothing items and even featuring a built-in ironing board for added convenience.

Step into the master bathroom, a true masterpiece. The entire space is adorned with natural travertine stone, creating a luxurious and cohesive aesthetic on both the floor and walls. The rustic gold shower head and sink, crafted from natural marble stone, add a touch of opulence to this stunning and harmonious bathroom design.

Explore another angle of the master bathroom, adorned in natural travertine stone for a timeless and opulent feel. Rustic gold fixtures, including a shower head and marble sink, add an elegant touch to this carefully designed space.

Gain insight into the meticulous planning of the entire apartment, showcasing an additional bedroom tailored to meet the client's expectations. Our drawn plan reflects thoughtful design and attention to detail, ensuring every space meets the desired vision for a complete and personalized living experience.

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