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OCCO Restaurant Dubai, UAE

Enter the expansive OCCO Restaurant, a visual delight crafted by Nineteen Architecture. To your left, a glimpse of the VIP Area with marble voronoi flooring, framed in gold from floor to ceiling, creating a private enclave. The central pathway features beige ceramic tiles, guiding your journey through the restaurant. On the right, custom-made sand-colored couches, marble tables with gold legs, and green velvet chairs with gold legs adorn the seating areas. Rustic lamps gracefully hang from the ceiling, adding a touch of warmth. Throughout, luxurious red velvet curtains and custom-made gold lamps enhance the overall aesthetics, making OCCO a feast for the senses.

Explore the diverse seating areas at OCCO Restaurant, skillfully designed by Nineteen Architecture. Divided into sections with green velvet chairs complemented by gold accents and red velvet chairs, the space exudes elegance and variety. Above, voronoi gold metal separators on the ceiling add a touch of sophistication, while rustic lamps cast a warm ambiance. The expansive floor-to-ceiling windows flood the area with natural light, providing a scenic view from every seating spot. This harmonious blend of design elements creates a captivating dining experience at OCCO.

Discover the VIP area at OCCO Restaurant – an elevated floor adorned with striking black and beige voronoi marble. Black floor separators and a gold frame add privacy and aesthetic allure. The ingenious gold profiles create a unique atmosphere, combining openness and exclusivity for a seating capacity of 10. Crafted by Nineteen Architecture, this VIP space is a masterpiece of elegance.

Step into sophistication with our 5-meter custom-made ONYX MARBLE bar illuminated to perfection. Five sleek bar chairs, featuring gold metal legs and white suede/leather upholstery, invite you to indulge in opulent comfort. The backdrop is a visual feast, as our signature VORONOI patterns come to life in 3D gold, lighting up the boreal forest-painted wall. Every detail, from the custom-made bar to the elegant seating, is a testament to Nineteen Architecture's commitment to bespoke design excellence.

Capture another perspective of OCCO Restaurant's charming seating areas, gracefully divided by a beige ceramic walking path. Above, a prominent voronoi-patterned lamp bathes the space in a warm red glow, creating a captivating ambiance. The black floor separators add a touch of sophistication to the overall design. This view, designed by Nineteen Architecture, offers a glimpse into the harmonious blend of aesthetics and functionality at OCCO.

Explore unique seating areas at OCCO Restaurant, where the main attraction is a square hole in the wall offering a tantalizing view into the kitchen. Designed by Nineteen Architecture, this thoughtful element adds an intriguing touch, inviting patrons to witness the culinary artistry behind the scenes while enjoying their dining experience.

Immerse yourself in the captivating design of OCCO Restaurant, where the floor gracefully divides into beige ceramic walking paths and black seating areas. The spotlight is on the voronoi velvet, backlit with a warm red hue, creating an alluring atmosphere. The meticulous details include red velvet curtains and black floor separators, harmonizing elegance and functionality in this Nineteen Architecture creation.

Delight in OCCO Restaurant's exquisite seating areas, featuring bespoke furniture crafted by Nineteen Architecture. A sand beige wall couch, marble tables, and velvet chairs in rich red and green create a harmonious blend of comfort and sophistication. Adorning the wall, our ellipse gold wood decorative panels add a touch of elegance. Above, our signature voronoi-patterned red velvet lamp on the ceiling bathes the space in a warm red glow. Every detail is meticulously designed by us, ensuring a dining experience of unparalleled beauty at OCCO.

Explore a unique corner at OCCO Restaurant, distinguished by green flooring and marble circle chairs. The gold-painted wall, lit with ellipse mirrors, radiates opulence. Black entrance separators enhance the grand entrance, while green velvet curtains add a touch of luxury. Meticulously designed by Nineteen Architecture, this area showcases our commitment to bespoke excellence at OCCO.

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