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OCCO Restaurant Dubai

Experience luxury dining in our chic space featuring a 10-person marble table with rustic gold legs. The floor boasts laser-cut voronoi marble in unique shapes, surrounded by tall red velvet curtains and two large plants. Discover modern elegance and natural harmony in this Nineteen Architecture & Design creation.

Step into sophistication with our 5-meter custom-made ONYX MARBLE bar illuminated to perfection. Five sleek bar chairs, featuring gold metal legs and white suede/leather upholstery, invite you to indulge in opulent comfort. The backdrop is a visual feast, as our signature VORONOI patterns come to life in 3D gold, lighting up the boreal forest-painted wall. Every detail, from the custom-made bar to the elegant seating, is a testament to Nineteen Architecture's commitment to bespoke design excellence.

Discover elegance in our exclusive restaurant corner featuring green marble flooring, round tables with marble tops and gold legs. Specially crafted lighting and rustic lamps create a distinctive ambiance, draped in luxury with red velvet curtains. A unique design by Nineteen Architecture & Design for a truly sophisticated dining experience.

Indulge in comfort and luxury with our custom-designed interior elements, including red velvet suede chairs with gold legs, sand-colored bespoke couches, and gold metal voronoi pattern ceiling separators. The ambiance is enhanced with black custom-made floor separators, long red velvet curtains, and bespoke table lamps, all meticulously crafted by Nineteen Architecture & Design. Elevate your space with our signature touch of sophistication.

Step into our dining sanctuary, a Nineteen Architecture masterpiece. VORONOI patterns in 3D Gold grace the entire wall against a mørk rubin paint background. Unwind on our bespoke sand-colored couch with a marble tabletop and gold-legged chairs. Reflect in style with a custom ellipse mirror, and enjoy the warm ambiance from overhead rustic lamps. Meticulously crafted for bespoke design excellence, each element is a unique Nineteen Architecture creation.

Step into our restaurant, where VORONOI patterns adorn the entire wall behind the entrance desk in 3D Gold against a mørk rubin background. A luminous onyx marble entrance desk with a golden counter creates a luxurious welcome, complemented by a canopy of rustic lamps above. Greenery and plants surround, offering a complete design panorama. Every element, from the custom VORONOI patterns to the onyx marble desk, is a bespoke masterpiece by Nineteen Architecture, ensuring a seamless and visually stunning experience.

Enter into our VIP haven—an exclusive space with a 10-person marble table, rustic gold legs, and a raised voronoi marble floor. Overhead, red suede lamps in a voronoi pattern emit a warm red glow, enhancing the mood. Complete with discreet black floor separators, this VIP experience offers both privacy and opulence.

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