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OCCO Beach by Nineteen Architecture & Design

Welcome to OCCO Beach, a stunning creation by Nineteen Architecture & Design. Our visionary design blends natural elements with luxurious materials to craft an enchanting beachside experience. From the grand staircase featuring Verde Guatemala marble and gold-toned metal accents to the serene poolside cabanas surrounded by lush greenery, every element is thoughtfully designed to evoke elegance and tranquility. The expansive wooden decks provide a seamless transition from indoor comfort to outdoor relaxation, offering breathtaking views of the azure sea and the iconic skyline. Our intimate dining areas are adorned with plush seating and sophisticated lighting, creating the perfect setting for enjoying our exquisite international cuisine, curated cocktails, and premium hookahs. The sleek, stylish bar area, with its illuminated decor and natural accents, enhances the luxurious ambiance, making OCCO Beach a premier destination for both relaxation and celebration. Explore our portfolio to see how OCCO Beach represents the pinnacle of contemporary beachside elegance and design.

  • 1.378 m2
  • Interior Design
  • Structural Design
  • Exterior Design
  • Furniture Design
  • Beach Club & Restaurant
  • Site Planning
  • Construction Plan
  • Construction
  • Bespoke Furniture Production
Welcome to OCCO Beach, where modern design meets beachside elegance.

Enjoy a variety of international dishes made from the freshest ingredients, complemented by exquisite drinks and our signature hookahs.

The ambiance blends contemporary sophistication with beachside comfort, perfect for any occasion.

Join us for exceptional service and culinary excellence, set against stunning ocean views.
Technical Blueprint Insights
  • Seating Area 1 - 45m2 + Bar - 32 person
  • Seating Area 2 - 80m2 - 32 person
  • Seating Area 3 - 100m2 - 40 person
  • Seating Area 4 - 100m2 - 40 person
  • Seating Area 5 - 55m2 - 52 person
  • Seating Area 6 - 37m2 - 22 person
  • Seating Area 7 - 37m2 - 28 person
  • Seating Area 8 - 37m2 - 17 person
  • Seating Area 9 LOUNGE - 280m2 - 22 Pieces Cabana
  • Seating Area 10 LOUNGE 2 - 35m2 - 5 pieces Sunbed x 2 = 10 person
  • Seating Area 11 - 60m2 - 28 person
  • Seating Area 12 Sunbed - 85m2 - 14 person
  • Mezanine Floor - 220m2 - 140 person
  • Total = 491 Person
  • Kitchen - 85 m2
  • Pool- 82 m2
  • Rooms & Lavatory Outdoor - 50 m2
Infinity Pool Technical Insights
infinity pool design 


  • A vanishing edge creates a seamless blend with the surroundings, enhancing the aesthetic appeal.
construction details

  • Prefabricated Panels: Utilized for quick and precise assembly, reinforced with steel for stability.
  • Composite Decking: Surrounds the pool for durability and low maintenance, shown in various installation stages.
  • Acrylic Glass Wall: Provides a transparent barrier, enhancing the infinity effect and ensuring safety.
technical specifications


  • Pool Dimensions: 1083 cm by 760 cm (82.3 square meters).
  • Sectional Drawings: Detailed views of cross-sections, showing material layering from the cement floor to the composite decking.
  • Beach Sand Integration: A 90 cm strip of sand creates a natural transition between the hardscape and softscape elements.

This image provides a 3D bird’s eye view of OCCO Beach, showcasing its luxurious beachfront layout. Central to the design is a sophisticated infinity pool surrounded by elegant lounge areas and shaded cabanas. The arrangement of seating and greenery creates a serene, upscale environment that seamlessly integrates with the pristine shoreline and turquoise waters, offering an exclusive and relaxing beach experience.

Technical Blueprint Insights
  • The mezzanine’s roof system employs a grid structure with glass panels, providing both structural integrity and aesthetic transparency.
Sectional drawings
  • Detailed sections (A-A’ and B-B’) show the mezzanine’s layout, highlighting the bar area, glass walls, and emergency exit routes.
matierial application
  • The use of glass and wood materials ensures a contemporary and airy atmosphere, while the strategic placement of plants enhances the environmental quality.

Gold lamp 


  • The main materials used are gold-plated metal and glass.
  • It features an opal glass bulb cover inside.

Architectural Description:

  • The lamp has a modern and elegant design. It is designed with a minimalist approach.
  • The gold-plated metal frame adds a touch of luxury to the lamp’s aesthetic appearance.
  • The combination of glass and metal provides both durability and a sophisticated look.
  • It ensures the light is evenly distributed, offering homogeneous illumination in indoor spaces.
Easy Chair


  • The seating part is covered with velvet fabric.
  • The legs and frame are made of gold-plated metal.

 Architectural Description:

  • The chair has a modern and sophisticated design.
  • The velvet fabric offers a soft and comfortable seating experience, while the gold-plated metal legs and frame give the chair an elegant appearance.
  • The gold metal legs not only enhance durability but also add aesthetic appeal.
  • Designed to complement modern interior decor.
Marble Table


  • The tabletop is made of white marble.
  • The base is made of gold-plated metal.

Architectural Description:

  • The marble table has a luxurious and modern design.
  • The white marble surface, with its natural veins, offers an aesthetic look.
  • The gold-plated metal base adds robustness and elegance to the table.
  • The design of the table combines elegance with functionality.
  • It is compatible with both classic and modern interior decor.


Verde Guatemala Marble

Verde Guatemala marble, prominently showcased in various areas of OCCO Beach, brings a sense of natural elegance and luxury. Its deep, rich green tones create a striking contrast against the warmer wood elements and lush greenery, contributing to a sophisticated ambiance. This marble’s presence enhances the visual appeal and opulence of the venue, making it an integral part of OCCO Beach’s luxurious design.

Gold-Toned Metal

The use of gold-toned metal surfaces adds a layer of opulence and refinement to OCCO Beach. This material is prominently featured in various elements such as the sleek bar counter, the geometric railing designs, and the structural accents of the seating areas. The gold tones provide a striking contrast against the natural wood and rich green marble, enhancing the overall luxurious ambiance and creating a visually captivating environment.

Burgundy Velvet

Beige velvet is utilized in the curtains of the cabanas, providing a soft and elegant backdrop for guests. The light beige color complements the natural wood tones and lush greenery, enhancing the overall serene and luxurious atmosphere. This neutral hue adds a touch of sophistication and warmth, creating an inviting and relaxing environment for all visitors.

Backlit Onyx Marble

Backlit onyx is used strategically throughout OCCO Beach, enhancing both the bar area and central staircase with a unique glow and sense of luxury. This material not only illuminates the space but also adds a dramatic visual effect, making these areas standout features of the venue. The warm, ambient light from the backlit onyx creates an inviting atmosphere, highlighting the sophisticated design elements and contributing to the overall opulent feel of OCCO Beach.

Location: Jumeirah Beach - The Walk

OCCO Beach is situated in the prime location of Jumeirah Beach - The Walk, offering a luxurious coastal experience. This picturesque setting provides stunning views of the pristine sands of Jumeirah Beach and the azure waters of Dubai Marina. Visitors can enjoy the iconic Ain Dubai observation wheel, which stands majestically in the distance, creating a breathtaking backdrop. The mezzanine floor of OCCO Beach, designed by Nineteen Architecture & Design, overlooks this idyllic scenery. The design incorporates a clear glass-edged pool, plush lounge areas, and white parasols, enhancing the beach's natural beauty with modern elegance. This exclusive vantage point offers guests an unparalleled view and a serene atmosphere, blending upscale amenities with the tranquility of the seaside.

Witness OCCO Beach during evening
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