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Letz Sushi Kongens Lyngby

Welcome to Letz Sushi, where minimalism meets sophistication in our latest project. Picture an oak wood square table, its black legs anchoring the space with modern elegance. Light wall colors create an airy and inviting atmosphere, seamlessly blending with New Yorker glass walls accented with oak wood. Step onto the sleek grey epoxy floor, adding a contemporary touch to the overall design. At Nineteen Architecture & Design, we've curated a minimalist haven for Letz Sushi, where simplicity meets refined taste in every detail.

Explore another perspective of Letz Sushi's chic ambiance. The New Yorker glass takes center stage, seamlessly connecting the interior with natural light pouring in through expansive windows. Revel in the play of light and shadow against the black velvet curtains, adding a touch of luxury and privacy. At Nineteen Architecture & Design, every angle is carefully curated to enhance the overall experience, balancing openness with intimate sophistication.

Discover Letz Sushi's minimalist bar, featuring a sleek archaic gold countertop framed by wood panels. The lighting, also in gold, adds a rustic charm. Against a grey decorative plaster wall, an archaic gold shelf system stands as a stylish focal point. At Nineteen Architecture & Design, we seamlessly blend simplicity and luxury to elevate Letz Sushi's ambiance.

Step behind the lens and witness a captivating view at Letz Sushi. The camera reveals a full wall adorned with seagreen ceramic tiles, a homage to the origins of sushi. This thoughtful design element adds a touch of cultural significance to the space, making every dining experience at Letz Sushi a visual journey. At Nineteen Architecture & Design, we craft spaces that not only evoke aesthetic appeal but also tell a story.

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